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Investing in the future with its solid foundations and deep-rooted experience, Teo Exports; It has made its mission to be a great value of our country with its heritage of more than a quarter of a century and its principles that are respectful to people and sensitive to the environment.

Teo Export proudly waves the Turkish flag on the world stage with its belief in the lands of this country and advances by offering rational solutions to the sector.
As one of the biggest supporters of domestic agricultural production, Teo Bilişim, which goes further every day, steadily strengthens its power and protects the value of labor and our national wealth by standing shoulder to shoulder with the "farmer".  And in this context, we continue to grow with firm steps, aiming to use the products we export throughout the World and to introduce Turkish foods to every home with the slogan "Fresh from the Branch".

Teo Export; It continues to be the face of Denizli in the world with export of agricultural products, export of fresh fruits and vegetables, export of textile products and export of marble.

Some of the countries we export to are as follows;

India, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Germany, France, Mozambique, Canada, America.

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